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Who We Are

We are registered Debt Counsellors with the National Credit Regulator.

Our registration number is NCRDC2629.

We provide debt solutions that are specifically tailored to every individual.

We protect you against legal action from creditors.

We protect your assets against repossession.

We reduce your monthly payments to an affordable amount.

We consolidate your payments into one simple monthly payment.

We investigate reckless lending on credit agreements.

We represent you in court to secure your debt review court order.

We are green company, providing you with a paperless, no fuss and simplified application process.

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Our Values

Simplicity We believe in simplifying our debt management solutions to ensure that every consumer is able to fully understand the services we offer.

Competency Not only are we qualified to help South African consumers manage their debts, but we do so with absolute competency.

Integrity We operate truthfully and in good faith with all of our clients and other stakeholders. We believe in promising less and delivering more, every single time.

Honesty National Debt Helpline upholds and values honesty in all dealings. What we promise is exactly what we deliver, if not better.

Reliability We pride ourselves in being the most reliable and trustworthy debt management company in South Africa. Our service delivery is uniquely designed to give you utmost support thus allowing you to have complete peace of mind in the knowledge that we are always busy taking care of everything while you simply do hat is important to you.

Consistency We deliver exceptional service right from the beginning to the very end of any debt management solution hat is best for you.

With NDH you are guaranteed the best Debt Management Solution
Call Us on 012 683 8799

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Ground Floor
Lakeview Building
1277 Mike Crawford Avenue

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